The Order of St Leonard has grown exponentially since its foundation in 2009. People from many differing denominations and streams are embracing the opportunities afforded through membership of the OSL,  joining and working together with the common purpose of bringing the Word of Jesus Christ to the world; supporting the disadvantaged, liberating those captives of physical, spiritual and emotional bonds, and loving one another, and our communities.

OSL Members understand that our wider, secular, communities do not necessarily understand, or relate to, denominations and doctrine. Whilst freedom of expression of faith is important to each individual stream, the Order of St Leonard seeks to promote the Christian faith without confusion – deploying a unified presence within our towns and cities.

Churches and Leaders benefit from discourse and sharing of information and resources. The OSL is a sounding board of ideas and concepts – increased opportunities, shared visions, unified projects, information, training and fellowship.

Regardless of your Christian denomination, the OSL welcomes your application to be part of this global Order – together, we are greater than our disparate parts. One body, in Christ.

The Order of St Leonard is a lifestyle, not a denomination. This means that the Order is not responsible for the work of its members and any views represented by members are not necessarily the views of the Order.

The Order of St Leonard - Documentary

February 26, 2014