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The Order of St Leonard is open to all Christians, as individuals, as well as corporate membership for independent churches or denominations, who actively seek to promote the development of strong Christian leadership and Unity.

Membership of the Order will provide access to resources, training and mentorship. Its leadership will guide members in upholding a strong, biblical lifestyle and will actively promote its endeavours in some of the most difficult areas of society.


The Vision of the Order is based on Isaiah 61 (NKJV) – to bring liberty to those who are bound – Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, Socially, Psychologically and Financially.

Joining the Order

Membership does not affect your affiliation to your current Church – indeed, the diversity of denominations is a defining factor in the development of the Order of St Leonard.

All applications for membership of the Order are subject to approval by the OSL board.

If your application is approved,  the OSL board will select the most appropriate category of membership for you – based on your experience, qualifications and references.

An offer of membership will be made which you will then have the opportunity to accept.

For an application pack please email: