Bishop Tony Palmer

Bishop Tony Palmer

My dear friend, Bishop Tony Palmer, sadly departed this life on 20th July, following a road traffic accident.

Tony was a Christian leader full of the Holy Spirit and committed to the scripture of John 17. He was an Evangelical who became a close friend of Pope Francis and tried not to bring the Evangelical Christian Church back to Rome, as some would suggest…but rather a coming to an agreement in the acceptance of justification by faith.

Those who knew him understood the pureness of his heart; he was not interested in political correctness but rather the genuine ability of those of differing traditions praying together for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to build a Church – not based in Rome, Canterbury, Jerusalem or Dallas!

He had been due to speak at our OSL retreat in September and I had the short privilege of overseeing him in his quest to be obedient to the very heart of Christ.

He will be missed.

David E Carr OSL
Order of St Leonard